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4 Steps to Understand the Process of Building your Landed Home | The ADBL Framework 

Have you ever thought of doing something and during the process, you just get flooded with tons of information and things just start to get complicated? Just like in building a home, we have encountered inquiries from confused clients who are searching for answers to their questions about building their landed homes.  

In this article, we will tackle and introduce to you a comprehensive framework to help you better understand and kick off your plans for building your dream home. 

For more than 20 years, B&E Group has catered to diverse clients with different types of landed properties with unique construction needs. From these experiences, we have summarized the necessary steps you will encounter along the way. 

The ADBL Framework or the Assess, Design, Build, and Live Framework aims to help simplify the processes. From the approvals and submissions you need to get from respective authorities to the design decisions you need to consider.


The first step is one of the keys for you to understand your property and the design decisions that you will need to consider. Assessing the land would require approvals and submissions to respective authorities which include (but are not limited to) URA, LTA, NParks, and PUB. Topographical Survey is also necessary to identify any sewer lines, manholes, and building setbacks allowed under the PUB requirements. Simply put, before you start the planning stage, the Assess part will serve as the XRAY of your landed property which will be used as a guide in designing and building your home.  


As soon as you get the approvals from respective authorities and receive the ‘diagnosis’ for your property, this is where the planning and implementation take place. This is usually the exciting part of the process since you will be able to have a glimpse of your home. Developing the floor plan, drawings for approvals, measurements, and proper coordination is the key to this process. To have smooth planning and delivery, you will need to work with a hands-on team that can reflect your ideals and can apply them to your home.  


This stage is the most critical part of the journey as this is where the action takes place. Once we obtain the permit to start work from BCA for commencement, we then begin this phase. Getting the right professional that can give you access to top-of-the-line machinery and quality equipment can help you deliver the project on time without compromising the workmanship quality. At this stage, it is also essential to keep track of the progress of your home, and coordinating with a builder with in-house manpower can save you more time and effort.  


From land assessment to finishing, a hands-on builder will not only leave you and let you handle the turnover alone. B&E will be with you for the next 5 years after the turnover with its warranty for waterproofing and workmanship. This is part of providing assurance of delivering the finest workmanship and administering stringent quality control.  

B&E Group’s ADBL Frameworksummarizes the long-standing expertise and experience of B&E in the design and build industry. The framework caters to the brand’s promise of providing peace of mind and convenience to potential clients — making everything easier to understand from the client’s POV. 

For your one-stop service needs from start to finish, B&E Group is the right professional builder for you. Give us a call or WhatsApp us at 9695 1886 or send an e-mail through

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