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Landed Builder Starter Pack: Guide to hiring the best landed builder for your home

When jumping to a decision as critical as starting your own landed home, you would want nothing but the best for your investment. Hence, getting a team that would match your aspirations and level of certainty in every decision that you make would be your best choice. There are still some who believe that hiring different teams give them huge savings. But the truth is, it just gives them more stress than peace of mind. So, we came up with a ‘starter pack’ that will guide you to landing with the best landed builder for your dream home.

Check their track record!

Whom are we working with? How long have they been working in the industry? What type of clients do they have? ⎯

These are just some of the questions we ask ourselves when checking the background of the team we are looking to hire. Are they well-experienced to help you handle the decisions you are about to encounter? You need a professional builder that has been in the industry with years and years of experience.

Hear it from their clients

They say that word-of-mouth is one of the best sources of review that you can rely on.

True enough, documented reviews and case studies break down the perspective of the client on how they find their experience with the team. These are the most valuable and genuine feedback as they came from first-hand experiences.

Do they give you the most value out of your investment?

It’s a huge investment. And you want to make sure it’s worth every penny. It’s more of asking yourself, “Is this going to give me a worry-free task or are they going to be a pain in the a$$?” You need a professional builder that has been seasoned by decades of experience and has survived the toughest (client) situations ever given.

Are they legit professionals?

Are you in talks with the right professionals? You need to make sure that the team you are working with are expert in their field. Check their registration, permits, and licenses. You wouldn’t want to put everything at risk by dealing with those who are not fit to do the work for you.

These are just some factors to consider in investing in the right professional landed builder for your dream home. B&E Group has been in the industry for more than two decades in the industry of A&A, redevelopment, and reconstruction. Served clients with different needs, and different types of landed homes, and delivered results successfully.

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