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What is a Boutique Builder? — The right construction company for your landed home in Singapore

Choosing a builder that will carry out your vision and aspirations can be tricky if you are looking for one in Singapore.

Especially now the construction industry is expected to grow in the next coming years, as articulated in the research conducted by BusinessWire. There will be a lot of options available but also more obligations for you to do the background checking of the builder you are eyeing for.

Construction companies in Singapore are segmented according to your property type and will be based on the client’s preferences. If you are looking for a hands-on builder who can accompany you and work closely with you in developing your landed home, you might be looking for a boutique builder.

But before we dig deeper, what is a boutique builder?

By definition, a “boutique” is a company that offers highly specialized products or services for a particular section of the market. Most home builders bite off more than one can chew between dozens of projects, large and small while a boutique builder, on the other hand, focuses on constructing only a few custom homes at a time, therefore able to provide a higher standard of customer service to its clients.

We have listed below the qualities of a boutique builder that can help you select the right builder for you.

Attention to detail

A boutique builder spends most of their time directly communicating with the owner and collaborating with every department involved in the process. Convenience is also essential for this quality since most of the time, the owner might not have time to oversee the entire process, so they would rely on the expert builder to take utmost care of every small detail.


The point of getting a boutique builder is the promise of building a home that will define the owner. This would require a unique personal touch for every project that the builder has engaged with. Creating exclusive and high-end designs would be a key factor in this quality.

Simplified Process

Boutique builders know when things need to be checked up on and concerns that need to be addressed. Given that boutique builders only have a handful of clients, the process gets simpler for the client’s POV. It only takes a few major steps to understand the process that the builder can expound during the discovery call.

Getting a landed home is one of the greatest assets you can invest in Singapore, giving you even more reasons to pay the utmost attention to every detail of your home. As a seasoned boutique builder in the industry for more than 20 years, B&E Group has witnessed these challenges from clients and potential clients that are having a tough time choosing the right builder for their home.

At B&E Group, we collaborate efficiently with our clients and our in-house team of professionals that are here to help owners from start to finish. Talk to us today via WhatsApp at 9695 1886 or send us an email at

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