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What Makes us One of The Best in Singapore?

Possibly one of the Best Professional Builders in Singapore. But what makes us the right Choice?

Long Record of Experience

They say that "Old is Gold" and that very much applies to the industry we are in! Striving over the years to build not only good houses but a good reputation in quality and service over 2 Decades.

As consumer demands and resources changed, so have we! Continuously adapting and fine-tuning our quality to keep us at the top of our game. B&E Group is recognized and well respected for our attention to detail, quality control, and time management. You can be sure that any project is a job well done.

Hassle-Free Service

One of the concerns people have when looking out for a Licensed Builder is their standard of service. Would it be a frustrating experience of misunderstandings and continuous "back and forth" disagreements? We as Professional Builder can assure you that a Hassle-Free Service is a standard we believe in. Understanding your perspective as a client, we are able to impress clients with our level of service.

ONE-STOP Builder Services

Having our well-developed company structure and strong team coordination, we are able to execute and provide a variety of Builder Services. This is one of the great reasons why clients have continued to recommend us to their contacts.

(For more details on the services we provide, visit the services page on our website or contact us.)

Need Builder Services? We are here for you.

From Redevelopments to Major A&A work, B&E Group is here. We are confident of the professional level of service and quality we provide to our clients over the years. For more details on the Service or for enquiries, do feel free to contact us! Our professional and well-informed staff would be glad to assist you to the best of their knowledge.


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